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Certificate in Water Science and Policy


The Certificate Programs will include any one of the 8 modules offered in Semester 1 or 2 or any one of the 5 courses offered in Semester 3

Semester One—Basic Concepts: Multi-disciplinary introduction to the water cycle, organised around rivers, aquifers, watersheds, lakes & wetlands, ecosystem services and the historical, social, legal and institutional aspects of water.

Semester Two—Problems and Applications: A critical assessment of programs and policies on water in India since In¬dependence, covering large dams, groundwater extraction, watershed development, flood management, drinking water and sanitation, urban and industrial water, legal & institutional aspects of water in India, water conflicts, climate change and SDGs.

Semester Three—21st Century Solutions in Water: Students will move into the field to learn how India’s best water practitioners have evolved innovative, sustainable and equitable approaches to managing water across the country. Stu-dents will choose courses from a range of options, including traditional water harvesting & watershed management, par¬ticipatory irrigation management, participatory groundwater management, rural drinking water & sanitation, sustainable non-chemical agriculture and water quality, nutrition & health.



Key Information

Center for Public Affairs and Critical Theory (C-PACT)
School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS)
Mr. Prashant Shishodia

Key Specific Outcomes: Specialisation in thematic areas, leading to improved capacity and engagement with policy, programs and communities.