Dr. Moumita Karmakar | Center for Public Affairs and Critical Theory


Dr. Moumita
Assistant Professor
School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS)
018 B
Block-B, Shiv Nadar University
Greater Noida Uttar Pradesh
Educational Qualifications 
BSc (H) in Botany
University of Burdwan, Hooghly Mohsin college, West Bengal
MSc (Botany) with ecology and environmental pollution as special paper
University of Burdwan
Bachelor in Education
University of Burdwan
Queen's University, Ontario, Canada
Work Experience 
Postdoctoral researcher,
University of Moncton, Shippagan campus,
Shippagan, New Brunswick
Guest faculty,
Shiv Nadar University,
Dadri, Greater Noida
Assistant Professor,
Center for Public Affairs and Critical Theory (C-PACT), Shiv Nadar University, Delhi-NCR
I currently work here
Teaching & Research Interests: 

Research interest:

1. Eutrophication of lakes and wetlands using biological indicators preserved in sediments

2. Impact of multiple stressors on lake and wetlands using different proxies (chemical and biological)

3. Understanding trophic interactions (primary producers, micro-invertebrates) within the aquatic ecosystem

4. Reconstruction of Holocene level climate effect on water bodies of Uttar Pradesh using diatoms and midge assemblage

5. Study of social-ecological systems (SES)

Course taught in the Water Science and Policy Programme, M.Sc. Shiv Nadar University
1) WSP 501: Water Cycle and river science 
2) WSP 505: Lakes and Wetlands 
3) WSP 511: Climate change 

CCC for undergraduate programme
CCC716: Freshwater ecology

M.Sc. dissertation supervision (Advisor\co-advisor):

1. Name of the student: SHIPRA SINGH (1910120116), 2021
Project Title: Understanding urban-peri urban dynamics with respect to water bodies: case study analysis (Co-advisor)

2. Name of the student: BHAVYA JOSHI (2010120812), 2022
Project Title: An environmental history of urban lakes in semi-arid region: a study of Siliserh and Jaisamand lake, Alwar (Rajasthan) (Advisor)

3. Name of the student: ANIRUDH KISHORE (2010121199), 2022
Project Title: Institutional Adaptations to Changing Water Relations in Peri-Urban Commons: The case of Thazhambur lake (Co-advisor)


Queen’s Graduate student award


International Student Award


Student travel award from The American Quaternary Association Meeting, 2012, Duluth, Minnesota, USA



Graduate Dean’s Doctoral Field Travel Grant, Queen’s University

Scholarly Activity

Journal Publications (accepted or published)


Donya C. Danesh, Cale A.C. Gushulak, Melissa T. Moos, Moumita Karmakar and Brian F. Cumming. Using multiple proxies to determine the timing and character of the Holocene Thermal Maximum across the boreal region in northwest Ontario (Canada). Quaternary Research, 2022, 105: 44-55


Alain Patoine, Moumita Karmakar, Joshua Kurek. Differential Impacts of Climate and Land-use on Twentieth-century Phytoplankton Composition among and within Two Temperate Coastal Estuaries of Atlantic Canada.Estuaries and Coasts, 2022, 45:1371–1392


Moumita Karmakar, Peter Leavitt, Alain Patoine*. Estuaries and Coasts, 2019, 42:365–377. Effects of bridge construction and wastewater effluent on phytoplankton abundance and sediment geochemistry in an Atlantic temperate coastal bay since 1930


Moumita Karmakar*, Peter Leavitt, Brian F. Cumming*. Quaternary Science Reviews, 2015, 123:168-179.
Enhanced Algal Abundance in Northwest Ontario (Canada) Lakes during the Warmer Early- to mid-Holocene Period.


Moumita Karmakar*, Kathleen R. Laird, Brian F. Cumming. The Holocene, 2015, 25: 166-177.
Diatom-based evidence of regional aridity during the mid-Holocene period in boreal lakes from North-west Ontario (Canada)


Moumita Karmakar*, Kurek J, Haig H, Brian F Cumming. Quaternary Research, 2014, 81: 251-259.
Consensus among multiple trophic levels during high- and low-water stands over the last two millennia in a northwest Ontario lake


S. Breton, H. D. Beaupre, D. T. Stewart, H. Piontkivska, Moumita Karmakar, Arthur E. Bogan, Pierre U. Blier, Walter R. Hoeh. Genetics, 2009, 183: 1575-1589.
Comparative Mitochondrial Genomics of Freshwater Mussels (Bivalvia: Unionoida) with doubling uniparental Inheritance of mtDNA: gender-specific Open Reading Frames & Putative Origin of Replication.


R. Chakrabarti, S. Shepardson, Moumita Karmakar, Richard Trand, J. Walker, R. Shandilya, D. Stewart, S. Vijayaraghavan, Walter R. HoehDevelopment Growth & Differentiation, 2009, 51: 511-519. Extra-mitochondrial localization and likely reproductive function of a female transmitted cytochrome C oxidase subunit II protein. 


1.  A study of community–based resource management of water in the Uttarakhand Himalayas: A network-theoretic perspective (funded by IDRC), collaborative work with Dr. Sudeepto Bhattacharya (Department of Mathematics) and Dr Moumita Karmakar.
The project aims to obtain a scientific understanding of community-based natural resource management (CBNRM) as applied to sustainable and resilient management of water resources in the Uttarakhand Himalayas, where sustainable water management is currently a social-ecological challenge. 

2. Documentation of Algal community from various water resources of Beel Aakbarpur and Chithera village, Tehsil Dadri, Gautam Buddha Nagar Distt., Uttar Pradesh (This project is under the biodiversity documentation which is funded by SNU.)